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The film was Linehan’s directorial debut. A hidden video of “Do It Yourself” with Dr. Mike Thorne explaining how to decode the hidden information in Episode 6. Clair as Jen and Rocky Carroll as Denholm. Linehan is also credited as executive producer, but states he had no involvement. A pilot was filmed in January , and a full series was ordered, advertised by NBC to be aired in — According to a report in The Hollywood Reporter in September , the show had not gone into production and was to be cancelled, despite the fact that a number of scripts had already been written, stating the series “didn’t quite spark” with new NBC chairman Ben Silverman. In the pilot was leaked online. The reputation of Reynholm Industries is put at risk after an incident involving spilt coffee and a homeless person ends up being posted on the internet.


Roy has what he thinks is a wonderful date, only to learn that he has had something nasty on his forehead the whole evening. Meanwhile, Jen falls for a security guard and Moss and Roy create a profile on an online dating website. Next Episode Previous Episode. Who was the Episode MVP? Watch Online Amazon. Episode Discussion.

Moss (Richard Ayoade) in Series 4, Episode 2. Roy prank calls a pizza delivery company. Hello, I’d like to order a pizza please (giggles to himself) and can I.

Jen has a new admirer in the handsome company security guard, Daniel , but her lies result in a very public humiliation. Meanwhile, after getting dumped on a date, believing that women are only attracted to bad boys, Roy creates a mean and nasty profile on a dating website to see if this is true, and surprisingly, gets a response. The episode begins with Roy Trenneman Chris O’Dowd returning receptionist Patricia home after an unsuccessful date with her.

Patricia has been acting strangely all night and when Roy finally asks her why he discovers that there is a large brown smudge on his forehead. Patricia’s immediate reaction is that it is feces and, although Roy tries to convince her that it is chocolate from his dessert, she remains unconvinced and leaves abruptly. The following day, Roy returns to work in the IT Department of Reynholm Industries to discover that Patricia has told everyone about the bad date and the news has even reached his mother.

Roy, still angry about the previous night’s date, states that women like men who treat them badly, rather than those who don’t. Jen argues that this is a total myth. Roy’s advert is about “an idiot who doesn’t care about anyone but himself,” however Moss goes a little more extreme, his ad consisting entirely of the sentence, “I’m going to murder you, you bloody woman! Meanwhile, Jen flirts with the handsome company security guard Daniel Carey Oliver Chris and impresses him with a vast knowledge of classical music.

After he leaves, she reveals to Moss and Roy that she didn’t really know the answers to his questions, but because she had a fifty-fifty chance of getting it right, and she simply guessed.

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Denholm mandates his employees to attend a stress seminar , threatening to fire those who still experience stress by the end of the day. Roy, who has annoyed the seminar’s instructor, later steals his stress-measuring machine. Moss tries to make his own version, but when he leaves a soldering iron switched on, he starts a fire in the office. After a terrible dinner date with co-worker Bill Crouse Adam Buxton , Jen wants to avoid his asking for a follow-up date, so she tells Moss to lie and say that she is too busy.

Things escalate when Bill spreads his false claim that he was the last person to sleep with Jen, while Moss lies to Jen that the flowers and sympathy card are because she was made Employee of the Month.

first day of Catholic school, talent shows, dating, prom, exchange students and awkward crushes. Chris O’Dowd as Roy, Richard Ayoade as Moss, and Katherine Parkinson as manager Jen Barber in The IT Crowd. the guys convincing Jen that if she Googles the word Google she’ll break the internet.

Since then, its central cast have become household names. While curmudgeonly, unlucky IT technician Roy Chris O’Dowd and technophobic head of department Jen Katherine Parkinson have provided barrels of laughs over four seasons, we’d venture that one Maurice Moss has provided the Graham Linehan-created comedy’s breakout moments down the years – thanks in equal measure to some sharp writing and impeccable comic timing from Richard Ayoade.

Choosing just five moments of Moss gold from The IT Crowd is a thankless and near impossible task apologies to fans of ‘Ploppers’, ‘I’ve got a motherflipping gun’, Moss’s court testimony in Reynholm vs Reynholm and the ludicrous Dragon’s Den episode , but here’s Tube Talk ‘s personal favourites ahead of the show’s grand finale tonight September 27 :.

Series one scheming from ‘Yesterday’s Jam’. Where it all began, and our introduction to the men dubbed “standard nerds” by Reynholm Industries’ fearsome boss Denholm Chris Morris. But this visual gag is one of the unsung highlights of the series opener, as Moss’s initial excitement soon dissipates upon discovering that Roy’s plan to expose Jen’s lack of IT knowledge is actually pretty straightforward. Moss’s unique attitude to problem solving in a crisis comes to the fore here, as a fire threatens to engulf the basement of Reynholm Industries.

Richard Ayoade: Maurice Moss

While everything may seem all doom and gloom at the moment as we continue to face the trials of the current pandemic, it doesn’t mean that we can’t try to cheer ourselves up with the occasional laugh. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list featuring our favourite comedy series and sitcoms, which we believe may offer some light relief — even if it’s just for a good minutes. Created by the father-son duo of Eugene and Dan Levy, Schitt’s Creek follows the wealthy Rose family — parents Jonny and Moira and their adult children David and Alexis — who in episode one lose their mammoth fortune as a result of being defrauded.

Their only remaining asset is a small town called Schitt’s Creek, which the family bought as a joke for David in So the Roses are forced to rebuild their lives in this backwater town, with hilarious consequences and awkward interactions with the local residents. Sadly for fans, the sixth and final season began in January in the US and is due to finish up in April.

Jen has to give a presentation at meeting, so Moss gives her “the Internet” to use in her speech.

The IT Crowd was a staple of British comedy throughout the noughties. Premiering in , the sitcom followed a 3-person IT team and their antics. Fans loved genius and nerdy Moss, whose social awkwardness made for some hilarious line deliveries. Jen brings some funnily-packaged common sense to an otherwise chaotic team.

Dear Sir stroke Madam. Fire…exclamation mark. Help me…exclamation mark. Looking forward to hearing from you. All the best, Maurice Moss. You think this is funny?

IT Crowd and cast

Hello, I’d like to order a pizza please giggles to himself Prepare to put mustard on those words, for you will soon be consuming them along with this slice of humble pie, that comes direct from the oven of shame, set at gas mark ‘egg on your face’. Jen: Well, if it’s work related you’d obviously know what department this is. What department is this?

No casting has yet been announced but most likely American actors will be taking on the roles of the three quirky characters Roy, Moss and Jen.

We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. Working on it. There were previous reports that the show was set for another reboot – the third attempt by NBC to make it work for American audiences. However depending on how much time NBC and Linehan will be dedicating to this third attempt at a remake, it could take longer for the show to hit screens.

If the pilot is successful, The IT Crowd could finally get a greenlit and get ordered for a whole season of episodes. No casting has yet been announced but most likely American actors will be taking on the roles of the three quirky characters Roy, Moss and Jen. Clair played Jen and Rocky Carroll was their boss Denholm. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the remake made it to a full season but was culled at the last minute by an NBC executive. It looks unlikely that The IT Crowd will be returning for another season, especially if Linehan is focusing on the American remake.

The IT Crowd ran for four seasons between and with a one-hour special that wrapped up the sitcom. Play slideshow. Will there be another season of The IT Crowd? Channel 4.

The Internet Is Coming

Network: Channel 4. At the UK company Reynholm Industries, their corporate high-rise towers are full of beautiful happy people with one success story after another. Well, except for the employees that work in the basement – the IT department.

“Roy and Moss toil in the squalid basement of a huge company, fielding IT help who invent a psycho for an internet dating site and display sympathetic PMS.

At this point, maladjusted nerds and perpetually single woman are such tired tropes that we can recite the script by heart. Misunderstandings enter stage left, mistakes exit stage right, and humiliation stubbornly stays center stage with a limelight on, just to make sure you saw it. On paper, The IT Crowd is guilty of all these things. In practice though, it usually has a self-awareness that keeps its worn premises from actually wearing thin.

It could have been yet another storyline about those women and their cah- razy addiction to fashion, but it turns the corner into parody by letting everyone else in on the joke and taking it to the absolute extreme. The IT Crowd never has more fun than when it presents a completely routine sitcom premise, lets you get disappointed, and then smashes its foot down on the gas pedal. Available on Hulu and Netflix. His account naturally leaves out that whole part where he clung to the woman all the way up to her doorstep and tried to get into her apartment even though she was clearly uncomfortable, but still!

The IT Crowd

If you need an escape during the current coronavirus pandemic, here’s a list of shows that will do the trick. Comedy has a way of giving us all a laugh when we need it most. Take a break from social media and watch these hilarious TV shows streaming online that remind us all how to make the best out of an awkward situation. For Eleanor Shellstrop Kristen Bell , the afterlife is nothing like she expected. After she lands in The Good Place , she soon discovers she’s there by mistake.

Game of Thrones meet Graham Linehan comedies (The IT Crowd, Got a date. Doesn’t he Moss? Moss: Ah, Michael the Magnificent.

Jen has to give a presentation at meeting, so Moss gives her “the Internet” to use in her speech. What is it? This, Jen, is the internet. That’s right. This is the internet? The whole internet? I asked for a loan of it, so that you could use it in your speech. It’s so small.

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