“On Extending Semantic Matchmaking to Include Preconditions and Effects.”

Volunteering is an omnipresent cornerstone of our society. Currently, new forms of volunteering like crowd workers, engagement hoppers or patchwork volunteers are arising. This next-generation volunteers more than ever demand for volunteering marketplaces providing adequate MatchMaking capabilities. For this, an ontology-based vocabulary is established which explicitly captures the multifaceted nature of profiles for both, tasks and volunteers. Each of these facets is associated with adequate similarity measures and meta information explicitly capturing domain expertise. The feasibility of the approach is demonstrated by a simple example and a first prototype. Fundamental Changes in Volunteering. In times of refugee and health-care crisis, volunteering gets an indispensable pillar of our society, from social care to environment and culture. Volunteer MatchMaking is Key. However, current Volunteer Management Systems provide limited MatchMaking support as revealed by our survey [ 24 ].

Ontology-based semantic matchmaking approach

The popularity of the online dating industry has grown immensely over the past decade. There is an abundance of online dating websites with various features to attract users. The Semantic Web is a major endeavor that aims to have information on the web be not only machine-readable but also machine understandable. Online dating is a good candidate for such a service since it is based primarily on user provided information.

By organizing user information in a comprehensive knowledge base users can be matched more efficiently. In this thesis, semantic web tools, such as ontology languages and reasoning software, were investigated to determine which ones would work best in the online dating website model.

We also present reasonable algorithms for semantic matchmaking based on the devised inferences, and prove that they obey to some.

Semantic web has grown into a mature field of research. Its methods find innovative applications on and off the world wide web. Its underlying technologies have significant impact on adjacent fields of research and on industrial applications. This new book series reports on the state-of-the-art in foundations, methods, and applications of semantic web and its underlying technologies.

It is a central forum for the communication of recent developments and comprises research monographs, textbooks and edited volumes on all topics related to the semantic web. In this first volume several non-monotonic extensions to description logics DLs are investigated, namely auto-epistemic DLs, circumscriptive DLs and terminological default rules, all of which extend standard DL inference mechanisms by forms of closed-world and default reasoning associated to common-sense features.

A matchmaking framework is established for semantic resource descriptions formulated in the DL formalism that uses various DL inferences to judge resource compatibility. The particular contributions of Semantic Matchmaking with Nonmonotonic Description Logics span the fields of non-monotonic reasoning with description logics in artificial intelligence, matchmaking of ontology-based descriptions and semantic web service discovery. A novel tableaux calculus for reasoning in circumscriptive DLs is introduced and it is demonstrated how the various nonmonotonic extensions to description logics can be used to realize common-sense features and local closed-world reasoning in a semantic web setting in general.

Semantic technology offers a promising tool to address the problem of today’s information overload by interpreting the meaning of content and data for their automated processing within computer systems.

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The tasks involved in making cloud services available, such as matchmaking, selection and composition, are essential and closely related to each other. Integration of these tasks is critical for optimal composition and performance of the cloud service platform. More efficient solutions could be developed by considering cloud service tasks collectively, but the research and academic community have so far only considered these tasks individually.

The purpose of this paper is to propose an integrated QoS-based approach for cloud service matchmaking, selection and composition using the Semantic Web. In this paper, the authors propose a new approach using the Semantic Web and quality of service QoS model to perform cloud service matchmaking, selection and composition, to fulfil the requirements of an end user.

Semantic Matchmaking for Kinect-Based Posture and Gesture Recognition. Michele Ruta;,; Floriano Scioscia;,; Maria Di Summa;,; Saverio Ieva;,; Eugenio Di.

In order to press maximal cognitive benefit from their social, technological and informational environments, military coalitions need to understand how best to exploit available information assets as well as how best to organize their socially-distributed information processing activities. The International Technology Alliance ITA program is beginning to address the challenges associated with enhanced cognition in military coalition environments by integrating a variety of research and development efforts.

In particular, research in one component of the ITA ‘Project 4: Shared Understanding and Information Exploitation’ is seeking to develop capabilities that enable military coalitions to better exploit and distribute networked information assets in the service of collective cognitive outcomes e. In this paper, we provide an overview of the various research activities in Project 4.

We also show how these research activities complement one another in terms of supporting coalition-based collective cognition. Downloads from ePrints over the past year. Other digital versions may also be available to download e. This repository has been built using EPrints software , developed at the University of Southampton, but available to everyone to use. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue without changing your settings, we will assume that you are happy to receive cookies on the University of Southampton website.

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A semantic matchmaking system for online dating

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A particular application of the technique of matchmaking is the discovery of services in the Semantic Web. Semantic Web Services instantiate the idea of.

Meet Peter, a new employee at Acme Corporation. Peter has over ten years of experience as an engineer from his previous jobs. Peter’s first assignment at Acme Corporation is to create a new instant tunnel, as the existing models are now obsolete and Coyote, a premium client, has reported many problems with them. Acme is a large company with thousands of employees and offices all around the world. Peter knows that there must be corporate knowledge of instant tunnel engineering across the organization.

However, data is siloed, has poor metadata and there is no centralized access point.

Stop Playing ‘Where’s Waldo’: Semantic Matchmaking in Enterprise Environments

Simha Magal. Eugenio Di Sciascio, Francesco M. The promise of the Semantic Web is to make machine understandable all the information available on the Web. The knowledge on any specific domain can be stored in an explicit and reusable format by means of ontology languages. Moreover, exploiting the formal semantics of ontology languages, implicit knowledge can be elicited through automated reasoning mechanisms.

Semantic Web Use Cases and Case Studies. Case Study: CRUZAR — An application of semantic matchmaking for eTourism in the city of Zaragoza.

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Semantic Matchmaking and Decision Support System for Dependable Supplier Selection in the Extended Enterprise Supply Chain. International Journal of.

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PoolParty Semantic Suite – From Text Mining to Linked Data